Taglio PIVKey Test Server

If you purchased a PIVKey Card or Token online, or from one of our resellers, then it should have a Taglio issued Card Certificate. This certificate allows you to test the card, and confirm that it is a real PIVKey. You can do this by establishing a secure session between your browser and the Taglio Test Server. Microsoft Windows includes a Minidriver for PIV Cards that makes it possible to use the PIVKey without installing any additional software.

What you need:

• Windows Browser that supports the Windows in-box PIV Minidriver. We recommend Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, or another Chromium based browser.

• PIVKey Smart Card or Token with a Taglio issued certificate on the card.

• Contact or contactless Smart Card Reader (if you are using a PIVKey Card).

Test Now

How it works:

• When you click on the "Test Now" button, your browser will ask you to select a certificate. Select the certificate with a name that starts with "PIVKey".

Select PIVKey Certificate

• The browser will now request the PIN for the smart card. (The default PIN for PIVKey is "000000").

Enter Smart Card PIN

• The browser display the test page. This page teslls you about the status of the card and certificate.

Test Success

• If the test fails for any reason, you will see a generic error page.

Test Failure

For more information and troubleshooting, see the following article on our support site: